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Friday, February 12, 2016

The Art of Creative Thinking by Rod Judkins

What’s your first thought when you see the title?  Creative means art and I can’t draw.  Also, crafty things are trivial, crappy things, far as I’m concerned.

Page 138, Surprise Yourself.  It’s about art, right?  Yep, and also about starting a company.  But, mostly it’s about you!

“All art is autobiographical.  The pearl is the oyster’s autobiography.”  -- Federico Fellini

Pick another reason you’re not creative…I’m not good at__________.

Page 113, If You Can’t Be Really Good, Be Really Bad.

Page 158, If Something Doesn’t Need Improving, Improve it.

Page 136, Stay Hungry.   Learn to work in solitude.

Page 267, Be An Everyday Radical.  Read about a most unlikely scientific method that astonished scientists.

Page 125, Work The Hours That Work For You.  Can’t be done?  Don’t take my word for it.

As you can see, The Art of Creative Thinking is not a normal book you read from cover to cover.  Pick it up and browse at random.  You’ll find yourself jumping from page 95 to 53, and 70 to 227.  It’s a book to be kept at your bedside, or in your purse or briefcase or in your car.  Read bits and pieces here and there, in no particular order.

Break the mold of thinking you have to read from cover to cover! 

Are goals necessary?  Try page 96, Aspire to Have No Goals

Rod Judkins tells true stories in only a page or two, and in no particular order, but with an orderly, if strange method that will keep you jumping through the book, and pondering day and night.  Absolutely fascinating perspectives and observations, based on real people in real situations that free your mind to stop and think and wonder and…create.

Toss off those shackles that trap you in a prison, chained to the attitudes of friends, family, and other warders who demand you live up to their expectations. 

That fear of failure you’ve cherished and worshiped?  Slap that monkey and get it the hell off your back.

Judkins isn’t talking about jumping into outrageous situations that land you in jail, or divorce court, or cost you a life savings.  He’s simply saying, stop worrying about your self-imposed limitations and …create!

Not a painter? Ever tried it?  Well, see I’m not artistic… Most of us trace our self-doubts to a chance remark by a parent or teacher. Maybe a high school math teacher told you you’d never be good at math.  Utter crap.  Judkins leads the way in freeing yourself from others’ opinions.  As Tom Cruise’s character says in Risky Business, Sometimes ya just gotta say Fuck it!

Most creative folks do not focus on money or fame, just two more words that mean paying attention to what others think.  They focus on their art, be it writing, or painting, or creating a business.

Mother Teresa didn’t dedicate herself to becoming famous.  And what she did for the poorest of the poor was as creative as any other artist.

Wanna take up painting or tap dancing?  Public speaking? Improving the business you’re in or inventing something new?  Don’t listen to the naysayers.  Only you control your own life.

Sometimes ya just gotta say --- all together now --- _____________!  You’re destined to be as creative as you want to be.  Quick, grab a copy!  Let Rod Judkins be your guide to The Art of Creative Thinking.

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