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Friday, December 15, 2017

Sweet Hot Mustard

Sweet Hot Mustard

Still need a few little gifts for friends and associates from work?  Of course.  Need to butter up the boss’s wife.  Oh, yeah!  But you have a slight problem.  Lots to do and little time to do it.  I have you covered and wrapped in ribbons! Sweet Hot Mustard is what you’re looking for.  No wonder both my faithful readers are so faithful.  You’ve come to the problem solver!

Listen closely. All your friends already have a house full of stuff.  The last things they need are trinkets for the coffee table, another ornament for the tree, or a set of coasters. But, do they have something that will turn ordinary ham sandwiches into fabulous treats that fit right in with eggnog and cookies when unexpected freeloaders wonderful guests drop by the day after Christmas?

One big hint:  When you make this recipe, you’ll be able to give away ten little jars to people you just barely like and still have enough to stock your own frig.

Another thing to keep in mind.  In the busiest time of the year, this gift takes very few ingredients and only a few minutes to make. The rave reviews will follow you well into the New Year.  The ravers will be soooooo apologetic they didn’t give you gifts.  Be happy!  The last thing you needed was another coffee cup.

So, let’s get started on Sweet Hot Mustard

Only Six Quick Steps
1.    Combine 6 oz of mustard powder with an eighth teaspoon of powdered red pepper, and a fourth teaspoon each of black and white pepper.  Add only enough water to make a thick paste.  Two Tablespoons of water or less. Stir well.

2.    Put two cups of sugar, one and one half cups of vinegar, and one teaspoon of salt in a sauce pan and boil until the sugar fully dissolves.
3.    Stir the sugar/vinegar mixture into the mustard paste a little bit at a time until all is combined. Don’t worry that it looks a little thin.  The next three steps will thicken it.

4.    Beat three eggs.
5.    Stir the mustard/sugar/vinegar mixture into the egg mixture.  Using an electric mixer is best to prevent the egg from cooking before it is fully combined.  Return the mixture to the sauce pan.
6.    Bring the mixture to a boil.

That’s it!  Now all you have to do is put the sweet hot mustard in jars!  Want to be a little fancy? Print and attach some labels. 

Voilá!  Quick and tasty presents from your kitchen to theirs! Now take a bow!

Because the mixture contains eggs, I suggest refrigeration.

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