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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Three Blogs for the Price of One!

I'm a guy who just can't keep a secret.  Don't look to me to keep your favorite coffee shop, or that tiny restaurant that's never crowded hidden from the world.  I blab.  It's the same with blogs.  I just can't keep a great blog to myself and today I'll give a shout to two of the best!

     Both of these favorite blogs are written by two of my favorite friends.  Ed Rasimus is a fighter pilot par excellence and continues to live on the cutting edge of aviation.  His blog, Thunder Tales, reflects more than a shade of military aviation, and also his other occupation, professor of political science.  Pick a topic, Ed’s got an informed opinion.  His knowledge and research are first rate and he’s not afraid of being honest and forthright, whether or not it offends those on the left or the right.  But, Ed’s real strength is his writing ability.  He flat out entertains! If you want to read about the air war in Vietnam, look no farther than Ed Rasimus’ two autobiographies, When Thunder Rolled, and Palace Cobra.  He’s also the co-author of Fighter Pilot: The Memoirs of Legendary Ace Robin Olds.  These three volumes are modern military classics. Period.  All three are available on Amazon.  
     To read Thunder Tales is to stay informed on matters military and political.  Grab the stick!  Push up the power!  A link is on the right. 

     Laura Burgess, who writes Laura Uncorked, is just as entertaining and information, but in entirely different arenas.  Want to know about wines and travel, or maybe you’re looking for an au currant hideaway for a drink and noshes with that special someone?  Uncorked has the low down on the downtown and uptown.  She prowls New York City, but she also travels the world, and in her travels she finds the most out of the way vineyards, both delicious and cheap.  Best of all, Laura writes in such a refreshing, unpretentious way that after reading her blog, you feel like you’ve just met an old friend for gossip and a sip of vintage grape.  Wines in Charleston, South Carolina?  You bet.  Care to tingle with vinho verde?  Laura’s got this Portuguese wine pegged.  There’s a link on the right to Uncorked.  Enjoy the trip!

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  1. Ras hasn't changed much since our Torrejon days, back in the mid seventies. Had shared chow and suds with him and Carlos Lerma a couple of times recently, here in north Texas. He's still witty and insightful and continues to sport a handlebar. Hell of a good speaker, too. Heard him at the Dallas Air Museum at the inauguration of an F-105 display.