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Sunday, November 3, 2013

T-Bone's Sports Cafe in Chattanooga

Not just any sports cafe!

Fall means football!  Sorry, I meant FOOTBALL!!! Yeah, yeah, leaves turning, mornings have a cool bite, school buses clog the roads.  Just static on the radio. Ignore them.

Quick...what’s your favorite team?  Can’t answer without another brain-stunting sip of your foamy,skinny-soy-caramel-mocha-latt√©?  Do us both a favor.  Skip the rest of my ode to testosterone, and grab a copy of Dr. Limp’s “Your Brain, A User’s Manual.”

For normal folks, and by that of course I mean those who slosh pitchers of beer, crunch tongue-aflame nachos, gobble fiery wings without the chickens attached, and leave the cleanup for somebody else, read on.

No time to grill wings and burgers, but still need the feel of a crispy autumn day, the smell of the crowd, the roar of the heartburn?  Well, ya gotta have a favorite before-and-after-the-game hideaway.  Lots of brews on tap.  Lots of jeans and last decade’s t-shirts.  Waitresses with busty attitudes, screaming out your order.  Flashing TV screens on every inch of wall.

If you’re ever in Chattanooga for a UT-Chattanooga football game, careful research (prowling the streets and alleys) led me to the perfect spot for fans and derelicts.  T-Bone’s Sports Cafe.  It’s right across the parking lot from the stadium, so you can crawl to the game and crawl back.

Collect some buddies, and even their wives, if you must.  Shout for a pitcher of your favorite.  Go ahead and check out the menu, but it’s mostly exactly what you brawny, football lovers demand.  Want something a bit different, but true to time honored spirit of cholesterol? Try a barbeque taco.
Go ahead.  Make your cardiologist cringe...

So, how’d your team do?  Win?  Celebrate with another pitcher and a coma inducing cheeseburger. Lose?  Same recipe, but more beer.  Console yourself. There’s always next week, next season, but there’s only one today. Don’t waste it on sobriety.

T-Bone’s Sports Cafe is the place where men can be men and women just have to tolerate it!

Now, go enjoy the game!

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  1. Sounds like sports dives in Texas. Football, beer and good grilled chow seem to be the norm in this part of the world. Thank you for the tip, though. Will do T-Bones if ever in Chattanooga.