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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Our Small Corner of Germany: Autumn to Winter

Our backyard is a wonderful, wild garden, free to twist and change in wind and weather. Trees and hedges.  Winsome, sweet grasses.  Flowers of striking color in the spring, or somber black stalks in December.
Some of the things I like best about the garden, aside from not having a lawn to mow and leaving the gardening to my dirt-loving wife, are the constant changes of color and design from season to season.  It’s been a while since we’ve lived with a year cleaved into four distinct quarters.  The subtleties from one season to the next, dance slowly and blur the edges, yet unite and glide them in a masterly symphony of nature.
            Germany is a country of sheer, never ending beauty, from the rolling green hills and meadows of springtime, to the year around rugged grandeur of the Alps; from the dark, and mysterious forests, swollen with lush summer greenery, to the white blanketed fields and black skeletal trees of winter.
            Our backyard garden is a microcosm of Germany’s seasonal wonders.  I sit and read and sip my morning coffee, sometimes outside and sometimes in, glancing up to marvel at nature’s ever changing tableaux. 

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